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Garden Maintenance Tips

Maintaining a garden of your own is really something that is worth spending time for. After all, it provides you with a place to relax while also drastically increasing property value and visual appeal.To really gain maximum benefits from your garden, you should take care of it on a regular basis. Here are some guidelines to follow for the best possible garden maintenance for all seasons:

  • Water Everyday – Watering your plants is important to ensure that they get their daily supply of water. The best time of the day for watering though is in the morning, which is why you should consider doing it as soon as you wake up. Watering in the morning ensures that excess water has enough time to fully evaporate, thus protecting your plant from damage due to mildew and to lessen pests.
  • Trim Your Grass Often – Grass can grow pretty rapidly if ideal conditions are supplied for a limited period of time. Eventually, they can grow to an extent which can make it uncomfortable for you to even move around your garden. To avoid this from happening, get a lawnmower so that you can trim down those overgrown grass blades by a reasonable amount. Furthermore, trimmed grass will look much better.
  • Prune Overgrown Plants – Pruning your plants can help you control their growth and make them look more orderly. It may also be necessary to keep them from reaching into your neighbours’ garden. There are a few tools you can use to cut smaller branches and twigs: pruning shears will be enough for the thinnest branches, while tree loppers can take care of the ones with larger diameters. Browse this website if you are looking for tree Loppers.
  • Remove Dead or Dying Plants – If plants ever reach a state of being unrecoverable, the only thing you can do is to remove them. Dead plants will take up space, look ugly and will also attract microorganisms due to the decomposition processes which take place after the plant dies. Uprooting smaller plants can be accomplished quite easily with a little bit of pulling and digging around the base of the plant. Larger shrubs and trees will need to be cut down first, and then you will need to get their stumps removed by using a stump grinding machine.
  • Fertilise Sparingly – While it may be tempting to fertilise your plants often to make them grow quicker, it is actually much more effective if you limit yourself to doing it only when necessary. You can also opt to completely forego artificial fertilisers in place of natural solutions. For example, hydrogen peroxide and egg shells are some very common, yet very effective fertilisers.