Different Types Of Plants You Should Consider Growing

Different Types Of Plants You Should Consider Growing

There is a high chance that you have always dreamt of having a nice home with a beautiful backyard filled with ever blooming flowers. Now that you have a backyard you maybe oblivious to the world of plants, and have no clue as to where you should start and how you could go about cultivating these. Gardening requires a bit of patience, and also a little insight into the world of plants. This article will more or less help you in garnering the knowledge of the different types of plants available.


These types of plants live for less than a year, and if you are lucky they stay in bloom for an entire year. But, in several parts of the world annuals are considered seasonal plants which blossom only for two to four months a year. One example of this would be the camellia sasanqua, which mostly blooms during autumn. These types of plants are grown through seeds. Their life span consists of steadily growing, blooming, making more seeds, and then dying off, all within a year. These flowers will bring to your garden beautiful bold colors, and provide you with the opportunity of being able to change the layout of the garden after they die off in a year.

Biennials & Perennials

Plants that are considered biennials requires two whole years for the life cycle to take place. They grow from seeds, bloom and then die off, unlike the perennials that last many more years and keep blooming throughout. If you are looking at planting biennials in your garden you will have to continue planting seeds every year for them to keep the blooms continuing year after year. Perennials on the other hand take at least two years to fully bloom and start flowering, which doesn’t require you to keep replanting the seeds. Should you think of changing the layout of your garden now and then, it would be wise to plant biennials instead of perennials considering the biennials would die off in a year.


If you live in a country that has a warm climate throughout the year, tropical plants will be ideal and best suited for you. These types of plants thrive when there is a ton of humidity and heat, resulting in beautiful and prosperous blooms. A plant you should consider getting for your garden is the murraya paniculate. These give out flowers in different colors, and when attended with care flower on for years to come. Living in a country with four seasons should not limit you to planting these beauties. All you have to do is bring them in during the winter and they will continue to survive.

No matter which type of climate you are trying to grow your plants in, there are a whole heap of different types of plants that you could consider buying. The next time you go to buy yourself some plants make sure you take into account the information in this article for a better researched selection.