Vertical Garden Is The Need Of The Future

Vertical Garden Is The Need Of The Future

The human urbanization has a really strong toll on forestation. This is not only limited to wildlife animal but also increased the rate of deforestation. Nearly 15 billion trees are chopped off every year, it means that we are disturbing the balance of nature. The hind side is that we are not realizing that this act of ours, will only affect us and our future generations.  Because forest and trees work as balancers and not only this, they are the biggest producer of oxygen. With the increase in population and uneven concentration of the same in different parts of the world, some areas are severely under pressure due to a smaller number of trees or greenery. 

Humans have an extraordinary mind and if they wanted to find the solution of any problem, the evolution suggested that they have done that. To overcome this problem, the innovative idea of indoor plantation and vertical garden have been designed. This will change the way we used to live. This seems that the incoming two decades this will become the mandatory part of our lives. There is no argument about the efficacy of the vertical garden because as a human this is also our primary need. Some reasons that show that vertical garden must become an integral of our modern architecture;

Fresh Air

Currently, human population have majorly shifted in apartment living. That has limited our time to get into nature. But if the vertical garden will be present in the building and also in the individual apartment (not all rooms of the apartment but in one or two). This will help to produce fresh air and also keep the temperature if the building low. In this way, if you are unable to leave your apartment due to any reason, you can get the fresh breath of air in your apartment.

Close to Nature

Even if someone lives in a million-dollar penthouse, but they secretly have a wish that they should feel close to nature. The vertical garden can be said as the perfect replica for it while staying in your home, you can see the greenery and plants inside your walls. You can’t deny, this will always be the scene to watch, the other good thing about it that to grow vertical garden in your home, you will allow more natural light in your house. That is an added advantage of having a vertical garden in your home

Learn to be responsible

Having the vertical garden will increase your affection towards trees and plants. Same can be learned by your children. This means that as they grow, they will feel their responsibility to make their surrounding and area greener. This will help us to grow as the society who will appreciate the gift of nature. Just by adding a vertical garden in a single room, and if this campaign goes on, one can imagine we will be having so much greenery in our houses and it will become an inseparable part of our lives and living style.